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January 2022
Bulls On The Block Launch

June 2021

The 10K Generative Bull Collection is launched and sold out within 40 minutes. A historic occasion marking the Original 10K Bull NFT Collection. Beware of imitators!

Fractionalized Drops December 2021
Bear Companions Drop

The Bears On The Block Launch. 95% of 10K are minted as a free (pay gas) Bear Companion to our Bulls.
The Original generative Bear Collection!

BullDAO Wallet & Voting September 2021
BullDAO Wallet & Voting

BullDAO Snapshot portal and Community Wallet launched. Multi-sig Community Wallet receives all secondary royalties (5%)from each collection.

Legal & Financial September/October 2021
Bull Council Formed

The Bull Council of 10 is formed, consisting of thought leaders within the Crypto, NFT and Real World realms 

BOTB Leadership Team September/October 2021
Legal Entity

BOTB Delaware LLC created. This is critical to partnering with large international organizations and in protecting the interests of the community and leadership team.

Bull Comics October 2021
Bull Comics

Bull Holders dropped a hilarious comic, making light of ourselves and the world in general.

Bull Comics October 2021
Evolved Bulls

The Bulls On The Block Evo collection is launched. All OG Bull holders are able to mint an evolved version of their NFT for free (pay gas) by vaulting their OG Bull, maintaining ownership of both NFTs until the Vault is unlocked. 
*Current unlock date 15 Oct 2022

Evolved Bulls & Website 2.0 October 2021
Acquire Blue Chip NFTs

BOTB acquire VeeFriends, Galaxy Fight Club and Ghxsts Zxdiac NFTs for Community Wallet after BullDAO vote approved.

Sloppy Pencil October 2021
Sloppy Pencil Animation

Animated airdrop by the lead animator for Rick & Morty; Sloppy Pencil, featuring Bulls and Bears.

BOTB Merch Store October 2021
6x6 Sandbox Land plot Acquired

A huge 6x6 Sandbox Land was bought as approved via BullDAO vote. Now in the Community Wallet, as Metaverse plans are underway 👀

BOTB Academy October 2021
Asset Transfer

A monumental moment in the history of Bulls On The Block as legal docs are signed to transfer all assets from original owners to the care of the BullDAO

BULL Token & Bull Staking November 2021
Budget Approval

April 2022

Budget is proposed via BullDAO snapshot and approved with an overwhelming 97% approval. 

Bulls In the Metaverse October/November 2021
Team Expansion

A Contributing team of 7 is hired bringing together a wide range of experience to send BOTB to the next level. Blue Chip Status is the goal, with initial implementation of Industry Best Practices.

BOTB Mobile App November 2021
Website 3.0 and Manifesto

Our website is updated to reflect the current status of the Bulls On The Block including our Manifesto reflecting who we are.

BullCon December 2021
Custom Bull Collection

A high quality collection to bring value to our large holders that were granted a custom Bull when the Comic Airdrop Snapshot was taken.

The BOTB Accelerator November/December 2021

The Mindmap is a guide to our future.
Our team will create a Mindmap with input from the community outlining our vision including areas of Metaverse build out, VX and Utility for Bull Holders, Partnerships, Merch, Tokenomics, Utility and features such as our GodBulls, IRL events