Evo & Bear
Contract Re-Opened


It’s our second anniversary

Claim your Anniversary Comic here OGs!
Available June 29 at 12:30 pm Eastern for 48 hours

The Original:
Bulls On The Block

We Run Together, We Dream Together, We Grow Together

Bullish on the Block

Bulls believe in the Blockchain. 
We are a community of likeminded individuals who have come together as One to create a huge multiverse brand.
A collection of 10,000 Bull avatars to represent each of us and our love of Web3. 

Your Bull NFT is your membership to the Block where you gain access to exclusive NFT drops, Streetwear merch, our huge Sandbox Metaverse and more to be revealed over time!

Our Collections

OG Bulls

The Bulls On The Block: The Originals

The Original Bulls On The Block are a fun loving collection of 10k Bulls living on the Ethereum Blockchain… 
Launched in June 2021, we are the Original Generative Bull NFT.
Come join the stampede!

Evo Bulls

The Bulls Evolve

These meaner, leaner, Bulls On The Block Evolved represented the evolution of our project to a community run BullDAO.
Our Community Wallet holds a number of prized assets such as our 6×6 Sandbox Land Plot, which we have big plans for!
Evolve your OG Bull by connecting to the Bullpen- there’s also a chance of evolving your OG Bull into an ever elusive GOLDEN BULL. Only 50 exist!


Feeling a little… Bearish?

After the Bulls came the Bears. The Bears On The Block was a companion drop for our community; what better way of celebrating our Crypto Bulls than with the Bears!
Has there ever been a more iconic duo?

How To Evolve Your OG Bull

To evolve your OG Bull, you’ll need to lock it in The BullVault until October 15 2022*. In return, you’ll receive an evolved version of your OG Bull. Your Evolved Bull has a number of utilities, including:

*BullVault may be opened early at Bull Councils Discretion, Token/ Sandbox utility tbc. 

Bull Manifesto

We are Bulls.

Welcome to the new world.
Where Bulls run and Bears roam.
Evolving as the world turns.

Bullievers creating inside this digital wonderland.
Inclusive, Pioneering, Groundbreaking: Community.
Rewarded are those who nurture it,
As the Bull protects its Herd.

We are strong, we are resilient, we love our Bears.
We charge towards the future, though it remains unknown.
We created shared benefit and lead as Bulls do.
We Diamond Horned Bulls have conviction, 
We know our Honey comes in Spring.

We run together, we dream together, we grow together.

We are Bulls.

The BullDAO

We were one of the first generative projects to introduce the idea of a community wallet. Since our initial launch, we’ve accumulated a collection of Blue Chip NFTs including Ghxsts and VeeFriends, and a huge 6×6 Sandbox Land Plot.
We have specified a 5% transaction fee for all secondary sales, all of which will go to the community wallet to help fund our project.

The BullDAO is a voting portal that allows community members to vote on a wide range of proposals, including budget.